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cnnonlj's Journal

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Discuss past or present CNN programming and stories
A LiveJournal community for CNN viewers worldwide to discuss any and all things related to CNN. Miss what the ticker just said? Want to praise or curse Lou Dobbs' latest story on illegal immigrants? Just want to discuss a current news story? Come discuss. :)

I'll try to mod this to a minimum, which means I'm going to trust everyone to behave themselves. Try not to go too far OT; if you have to know where Kiran Chetry got that adorable skirt, try to at least toss an American Morning story in there somewhere. Also, it's common knowledge that Erica Hill has big gums and Anderson Cooper may or may not be gay, so let's try to keep such observations to a minimum.
Note: This kind of stuff is fine for the open thread, but please don't make a post just for these purposes.

If you want to post icons or graphics, that's fine too, but please don't flood us with icons (five in front of a cut is fine, but use an lj-cut for anything beyond 5), and please please please don't loose the spaptual put anything larger than 500px in either direction behind a cut.

Important! If you want to post and/or request clips, feel free, but your post (whether it's a request or a clip) must be friends locked. You'll get one (1) warning for an unlocked clip post. A second offense will result in me putting on my mod hat and bringing down the ban hammer.

So in short: No being assholes to each other. Keep it at least mildly on topic (work a news item in there). Use your brain. Discuss! There'll be an open thread each day. Feel free to post your own topics, but make sure no one else has brought it up already today, or you'll probably get a lot of comments telling you to use your eyeballs and scroll.

cnnonlj is not affiliated with Cable News Network, Turner Broadcasting System, or the Time Warner company. The opinions expressed in cnnonlj do not necessarily reflect those of Cable News Network, Turner Broadcasting System, Time Warner, its affiliates, and/or its employees. No money is being made from cnnonlj, its maintainer(s) and/or its contributers. It is not intended to infringe upon any copyrighted material. Any mention of any copyrighted material is reasonably protected by the Fair Use Rule of the United States Copyright Act of 1976.